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The BrainSpan Report: Valid Precise Actionable

Optimizing the health of the brain is the future of health care. Brain health is the gateway to produce optimal health for the entire body. We now have the ability to measure, track, and improve brain function in a very cost effective way.  BrainSpan is revolutionizing preventive brain health by providing key blood biomarkers that reflect both cellular health and systemic inflammation.  These markers are then correlated with your current brain functioning via an online test that takes 15-20 minutes. Your combined test results provide vital data as well as clear education and practical next steps.

BrainSpan can be part of a routine wellness visit for everyone (infants, students of all ages, athletes, preconception through pregnancy, and adults). It can also be used to assist with the prevention and management of autism spectrum disorders, nervous, circulatory, immune, musculoskeletal and other chronic diseases. There may be dramatic health benefits throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding due to enhanced fetal brain development and improved maternal health.

You will receive a detailed nutritional profile that determines the cellular and inflammatory health of the brain linking these areas to specific aspects of cognitive function. The neural health assessment is generated from a finger stick providing a few droplets of blood and a brief web-based cognitive function assessment. An electronic report is generated that elegantly illustrates the status and relationship between nutrition, inflammation and brain function. Specific information on your omega-3 index, the omega-6 omega-3 ratio and other indices will help you understand the quality and quantity of specific food and nutrients that build your 70 trillion cells. 

The cognitive function assessment includes areas of attention, memory and processing speed, linking them back to your nutritional metrics and specific lifestyle recommendations making them both meaningful and motivating.  A wellness summary is provided so you can easily understand what your results REALLY mean not only for today but for your future, if you fail to take steps to improve the scores.

Three tests are taken over 4-6 months (baseline test, 2-3 months, 4-6 months), then annually to ensure the scores move and remain in the optimal zone (green). Maintaining the green zone represents the highest level of both nervous system and cellular nutritional health. This provides lower levels of inflammation, decreased pain and improved resilience to chronic diseases.

Scores in the red or ‘poor zone’ are associated with poor overall function, a high inflammatory state with a possible increase risk of future diseases and premature cognitive decline. By tracking and keeping your scores in the green zone, year-to-year, you can improve your total mind-body health and change the trajectory of cognitive decline over time. You can promote a healthy, resilient life across your entire ‘brain span’ which translates to an overall healthier life span.

As we are living longer, let us live well by lowering total body inflammation and optimizing brain function. We now have precise, measurable, trackable and clinically valid metrics from the team at


Margaret Merrifield MD, CCFP, FCFP   509-628-3060   

 4960 Rau Lane, Richland WA 99352 iServing the Tri Cities since 1997

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