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How is a Plan Set for Me?

In the first couple of visits (60-90 minutes) we want to know all about you and your concerns, identify your risk(s), educate you on your conditions, suggest appropriate tests and set a flexible plan in a 'no-guilt' setting. We can help you take steps to:

  • Get Weight off and Keep it off... without painful restrictive diets
  • Recover Adrenal or Energy Reserve
  • Recover and Enhance your Libido
  • Re-balance the Gut-Brain-Immune Connection... practically
  • Understand and safely Balance your Hormones (using BHRT)
  • Learn how to Balance your NeuroTransmitter levels
  • Minimize your Risk for Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer
  • Apply Gentle Detoxification... with lab proven results

Studies show that Success involves four key areas:

  • Identifying personal risks (thorough history, exam, and lab testing)
  • Access to relevant information (every visit is educational)
  • Connecting for adequate support (we are part of your support team)
  • Believing that your life will improve (because of the changes applied)

Your Plan Includes:

  • Articles, Handouts and Links to learn at your own pace
  • A set of Chart Tabs to create your Personal Medical Record
  • Copies of your visit notes, lab and imaging reports, with specific handouts
  • Individual Consultations for women, men and children of all ages with the expertise of Dr Merrifield
  • Cost effective innovative Lab Testing offered at our Physician's Cost.
  • Information on what nutrients, through food choices and supplementation, you might need based on History/Labs/Physical Exam
  • Safe and cost effective skin care
Testing only with recommendations is available for those who wish lower cost options to gather information or supportive follow-up care. Call tammy for details at 509-628-3060

                Your Expert in Integrative Functional Restorative Medicine and Age Management

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