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You Tube:  Medical Lecture Series. Learn with Medical Students and Providers. Learn how to help regulate a dysfunctional immune system.  Important information for you. A wealth of information on skin, yard and household products: What are safe and what are toxic. Download a free pocket guide there on how to buy clean produce. A HIGH TECH HEALTH EXCLUSIVE WATER UNIT at $1495. Savings of $400off retail

Dr Merrifield's Pick BEST WATER UNIT (Performance, Cost, & Maintenance) 

When water exits the body via the sweat, urine and stool, it transports and FLUSHES out toxins as well as the many acidic waste products of the body. The Ionizer Plus modifies the tap water from the faucet in your home, producing the most beneficial and hydrating water possible (complete with bioavailable electrolytes) for only pennies per day. It combines broad water filtration, state-of-the-art mineral concentration, with antioxidant dissolved molecular hydrogen to RESTORE the digestive system, RESTORE hydration (the body's critical tool for excretion), and protect the body with the antioxidant power of molecular hydrogen. The quality is high (all stainless steel interior parts) with a five year warranty and a 30 day no hassle return. The price is less than 1/2 the cost of other units and significantly less to maintain.

  • Ultraviolet Disinfection
  • Simple filter changes
  • No additives necessary

Dr Merrifield has used her Akai unit for 24 years with no repairs required. The amortized cost is about $9 per month for the most amazing water. She has bought three so far; including one for her father and another for the clinic.

You may come to the clinic and fill at $2 per gallon.

For more information check out the AKAI website and call for your Physician discount  and have any questions answered. They sell the AKAI for $1795 which is already discounted from the list price of $1995. The physician discount will lower the price to $1495. They will also send a thank-you check to Dr M of which 100% will go towards publishing educational materials for children.

These units are made to last. No additives needed. Just a filter change at 6000 liters for $120.00. That is one every two years for two adults or one per year for a family of four. The unit can be attached to a basic faucet within 5 minutes or easily installed under the sink with an adaptor. With a modern pull out faucet you will need an adaptor. They will help you decide best options..

The body functions optimally  a pH of 7-7.2. The Ionizer Plus water Electrolyzer will help balance the body by creating water of a ph of 7-9.5. (The body does not need higher levels to get the benefits). Come to the clinic and have a sample drink on us.

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