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Margaret Merrifield  MD, CCFP, FCFP


Dr. Merrifield is a board certified family physician (CCFP) and a  Fellow in the College of Family Physicians (FCFP) of Canada.  She has worked in the ER, was Director of a large PAC-10 University Medical Health and Wellness Center, is a published author of internationally acclaimed children’s health storybooks, studied with Masters in Integrative and Functional Medicine and created a program where many have restored and maintained optimal health.

Her education began early in both fields of conventional and integrative medicine.  Nutritional functional biochemistry was a core class in her first year of Medical School at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.  Integrative, whole person medical care was encouraged in her internship and residency years at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. She has practiced integrated medicine in Richland, Washington since 1997, helping thousands create healthier lives, families and communities. She walks the talk and has developed the practice to meet her own health challenges as well as yours.

Your Expert in Integrative Functional Restorative Medicine 


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