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Do You Take Insurance and Medicare?

After 13 years of billing Medicare and the Major insurance plans, we came to a 'cash up front with help in getting you reimbursed' model of payment.  Because the nature of this practice is highly individualized and patient-time intensive, our model is not compatible with insurance and the significant operational costs that are involved in insurance billing. The current insurance system allows a fraction of the time needed to do a thorough and comprehensive assessment, formulate a treatment plan and address the cause of the identified imbalances.

We have found that many insurance carriers have an 'out -of-network' clause that will reimburse (or apply to the deductible) 40-100% of the visit or video teleconference. We can send the paperwork to your carrier on your behalf. In addition, many patients use Health Saving accounts (HSA) or workplace FLEX spending accounts to cover visit and prescribed products costs. 

Phone  and video consultations are also available after an initial visit.

We are not contracted Medicare providers. This means that you will pay for your discounted office visit. However, most of the lab testing will be covered by Medicare. Medicare does not reimburse for the office visit to opted out-of-network providers. We try to minimize the costs as much as possible.


In 2019 Dr Merrifield started offering 

FREE or LOW COST($49-$75)  Masterclasses for BrainSpan, Integrated Esthetics, Adrenal Fatigue, 

Hormonal Imbalance, Gut Disorders, Mood Disorders, Pain Disorders…

for those who want detailed information or potential testing

 at a fraction of the cost of a one on one consult. 


Patients report that over time they spend less on acute care visits, drugs, health provider visits etc. They say that this care is the best investment they ever made. You can be taught how to save significant health dollars over your lifetime because you have chosen to learn and understand your imbalances and what options you have change them to live well.

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