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What is Integrated, Functional, Restorative Medicine?

Integrated, Functional, Restorative Medicine combines the best of the art and science of modern medicine with historical wisdom, utilizing the innate healing power of the body/mind and spirit.  With decades of experience in practicing integrated medicine we have shown that if you give your body what it needs and remove what it does not need, it is programmed to repair and heal at all levels. 

We have successfully applied the integrative, patient-centered approach since 1997. This approach has evolved and was developed to address the underlying root causes of chronic dis-ease, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, allergies, immune disorders, cancers, heart attacks, strokes, mood disorders, etc.

We have helped many wean off costly prescription drugs, avoid unwanted side effects of multiple drug interactions, reduce costly visits to the ER, hospitalizations, referrals and testing, reduce inflammation in the body and stabilize moods using techniques of awareness and nutrients.

You can be taught how to save significant health dollars over your lifetime because you understand and have learned causes of your dis-ease.


Symptoms of dis-ease at any level of body, mind or spirit are signals that re-balancing is needed in our lives. 

The body will always let us know by how well it is FUNCTIONING. We help you find the imbalances and suggest tools to implement in a practical and doable way.

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