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When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher, an artist and a dancer. Surprisingly I landed in Medical School.  

In my fourth year my husband and I were surprised to find ourselves pregnant. I slipped and fell in my fourth month of pregnancy and three months later almost died from a pulmonary emboli from a massive pelvic clot. The miracle of modern medicine saved me and my unborn son’s life. It also allowed me to experience how precious and fleeting life can be. I saw that medicine was an art as well as a science and it mattered how someone REALLY listens. Did they look at me or at the chart?

A few years later, as a very tired resident, I went to see a physician for migraines. For six months I tracked these severe headaches and showed him charts documenting triggers: lack of sleep, not eating a balanced diet, hormonal swings and weather changes. I told him I also suffered allergies, hives and was quite sensitive to drugs.

To my amazement I was told there was ‘no connection between hormones, diet and migraines’. I was offered strong migraine medications I did not want to take. Not only did I feel unheard, I felt totally negated and I was a young physician in the system. He then offered me an antidepressant. I was frustrated, not depressed. I declined and looked for other ways to help myself.

Oo another occasion, while working in the ER, a father of two young children suffered a major heart attack. While trying to save his life I said to the head nurse, “This doesn’t have to happen.” She responded, “So what are YOU going to do about it?"

Multiple experiences like these led me expand my knowledge by combining the best of modern medicine with the best of traditional-historical medicine.

Over the years I studied with master teachers and learned acupuncture, prolotherapy, nutritional therapy, adrenal, gut and hormonal balancing, cognitive therapies and how to create an environment that embraces this model of care. I found solutions to my own health challenges through integrative, functional, restorative medicine. Hippocrates said, ‘First do no harm’ and second ‘Physician heal thyself.'

And that is what started my journey… looking for the root causes of disease and setting doable plans for recovery. 

With modern technology, we can look inside the body, test the gut microbiome, identify immune markers and genetic risk, find neurotransmitter imbalances that affect mood mood, scan for CORONARY Artery CALCIUM levels, test for cell membrane inflammation and gather data that thirty ago was only imagined.

After decades of learning and applying how health is recovered and optimized, I am here to help you with all your health concerns.

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