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It's About You 


This type of thorough, quality health care uses a team approach where the patient is center. You are the reason we are help and guide. If you give your body what it needs, and remove what it does not need at all levels, your body is programmed to heal and repair.

We look at your family history for genetic risk, environmental exposure, and lifestyle choices in relationship to your cultural norms. This is done through listening, combining the history and physical exam with targeted lab testing so that we can uncover any imbalances in biochemical and hormonal pathways, etc.

This type of care is for those who are willing to listen, learn, and practice the changes needed to create optimal health. Once educated, patients become ‘barefoot health care providers’ to their loved ones by example. The student becomes the teacher. We are dedicated to help each person develop a plan that works for them by identifying and removing barriers to their healing.  This is accomplished in a serene and caring environment. Welcome to our practice.


What do Women and Men Want?

Our Clinic Survey showed in order:

1.  More Energy

2.  Change in Body Size/Shape
3.  Hormonal Balance and Ability to Cope with Stress
4.  Less Pain
5.  Help with Aging Optimally

Here we help make it easier for you to understand adrenal, thyroid, immune function, hormonal pathways and how to apply this knowledge to your life.

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